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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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residents in this apartment home moved here for the
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tranquil view and peace. >> i heard begging and he had a knife. >> and then, he had a knife. >> reporter: with this 17 -- what this 17-year-old heard was a murder. it was at the hand of this man. one of three roommates sharing this pardon me. -- apartment. >> the victim lived here with the suspect and his girlfriend. this was a disagreement about the living arrangements. >> reporter: not a romantic relationship, but a crime of passion. he also injured his disabled girlfriend. she was finally able to leave the scene today. he's locked up on murder one charges with no bail. this is a decision related to his lengthy criminal record.
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his neighbors are thankful he didn't react. >> my little sister upstairs, she see all of the commotion. i'm glad i didn't. now, the latest stabbing marks a tough mile tone for the police. this is the 11th homicide in the county this year. right i no, the -- right now, the superintendent in annapolis is charged with the rape of a female midshipman. he was charged in march. under investigation tonight, the boat crash that took the life of an elderly man. it happened before 10:00 this morning. they say a sailboat was leaving the area when a passenger fell into the water. he was not wearing a life
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jacket and he was pronounced dead at a hospital. severe weather may have played a part of an accident that claimed life of a teen. the teen died off of old robin hood road. he suffered an injury to the back of his head. heavy rain prevented the medics from air lifting him. he was pretty messed up. when they got to him, it's just -- it's just a tragedy. it's family and all, so young to go. >> reporter: the high school student wasn't hearing a helmet at the time of an accident. tonight, this kfc is closed for business after a commuter bus crashed into the restaurant. a driver and passenger were
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rushed to the hospital. none of the injuries are life threatening. the crash is under investigation. no word on what caused the driver to crash. all right, let's look at the radar. most of us are sitting dry out there. if you're watching us from bell air, we're seeing the conditions drying out. where's the wet weather headed next. further down into kent county, we'll see this in -- caroline county. we'll keep an eye on this. most of us are dry for the evening in the 60s. a few showers north and east of baltimore. as we look into saturday for you, the forecast is still holding up. a mix of sun and clouds and we'll be closer to 80 into the day. just a slight chance of a passing shower and we think we'll be dry.
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we'll have more coming up. >> reporter: the habitat for humanity has built more than 4000 hopes across the nation. they're about to make an impact on ten families here in our own backyard. we were in annapolis to see the progress on the new project. >> reporter: the public housing is the oldest public housing project in america. it's about to get a facelift. habitat is here to build not one or two, but ten new homes. people in the community recognize this is going to help immensely. >> the troublemakers here are being chased away. they think their fear is that, well, the people that's going to live in the houses are not their kind of people and they won'tal rate what was going on here. >> reporter: this is the
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prompt manager here. -- project manager here. he's helped the project before. the families are coming back home and this time as homeowners. it will be a better environment to raise a family. it provides cang ware -- sanctuary, if you will for the children. they have a place to call home. typically, the average mortgage is less than $500,000 a month. >> reporter: there's a reason the people can purchase the homes, that's because of the donations and supplies to make this happen. >> reporter: he's not only making marks on the wood, but an impression on the community. >> i volunteered back in clench -- college, i haven't done any in a while. >> reporter: she's with
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amerikor. after the service, she'll receive a $5000 education award. >> i want to major in urban design. i have a heart for communities. >> that's how you break the cycle of poverty. they have a room where they can have their quiet time and do their study and not worry about the distractions in a typical public housing complex. >> reporter: in abc2 news. if everything continues on schedule, the last family will be moved in by the end of september. the baltimore nba is moving out of the diamond mall. the mba will be at the hill top shopping center starting monday. it will be the first location with a self-serving kiosk.
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oh, food, games, fun. it's part of the carnival going on in roger's forge. lynette charles, you missed the shot this time. >> reporter: i know! >> what are you going to do this time? >> reporter: i wouldn't dare throw a football. food is my game. no more balls. basket was my game, that's away way. we'll talk about the other stuff here. the weather is stellar. come on in now. we're dealing with a good day. you were telling me about the fact that's rain or shine? >> we've been here when it's sheet rained and people still come and the workers still work. you even make a little bit of money. >> reporter: we talked about the games and the rides. tell us what can the adults do here. >> we have crab cakes and pit turkey and pretzels and beer, wine, soda.
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we have a bake room and homemade fudge. >> reporter: i need to go there. >> that's in the school along with the craft room and we have a new doll room this year. that's for collectible dolls. >> reporter: i know you say they're collectible, what's that? >> well, we have like a huge flea market in the gym. clothing and used books and we have housewares and art work. lots of kid's games and toys. >> reporter: also, there's a silent auction, tell us about that. >> the parishioners donate a lot of items. the school does a basket. sometimes, it's an oriole's scene. sometimes, we have wood workings and rare wines. dinners that people offer and wine tastings and all kinds of
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things. >> reporter: wow, that's amazing. is this an annual thing? >> reporter: what about raffles? >> we have instant bingos and big six wheels and other games of chance for kids and adults. >> reporter: there's no reason not to come out. we'll start at 4:00. tomorrow, it's from 11:00 to 10:00 at night and sunday, 11:00 to 6:00 at night? >> yes, that's correct. >> reporter: hopefully, the weather will be like it is today. maybe a passing shower tomorrow. all in all, come out, rain or shine. >> wyatt wants cotton candy -- >> reporter: well, i have the caramel apple and the cotton candy.
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and the pit beef. the men and women of the military fight every day for freedom. and a new study shows that many are fighting a different kind of battle that's getting worse in recent years. plus, in 24 hours, pimlico will be packed with horses. first, it's a black eyed susan. we'll take you there, next. all right, rose -- rose city. there -- rosie. we'll talk about the showers and will they clear out for the race tomorrow. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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today, the race is 24 hour away. today, it's race day for the phillies. some of the day's races featured the top female jockeys. susan g. komen was present. last year, they raised $100,000 for the organization. governor o'malley payed a visit to animal kingdom in elkton. yesterday, the government signed legislation to use slot machine revenue. it's in an effort to reserve next year's racing cal damp --
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calendar. you'll probably see that guy tomorrow. the all day party features concerts by several. it doesn't get better than puddle of mud. the first race is at 10:45 and post time for the preakness is 6:19 p.m.. if you're driving near pimlico, get ready for traffic headaches. some lane closiers are underway. well, if the preakness isn't your thing, wine in the woods may be more for you. it's back for the 19th year. the event features samples from 38 wineries and wine seminars and live entertainment it's from noon to 6:00. and amtrak is rolling the
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anniversary exhibit into town. we're working to find ways to save you cash. this is part of our savings at 6:00. tonight, we found a way to use onions to remove rust from blades. stab onions with knives three to four times and that should help. if it's rusty, that could take more stabs. if you have a creative way to repurpose items in your home, go to ask and you shall receive. that's coming through for me.
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it's st. pias. this is the superjumbo cotton candy. >> that's not clouds. >> it is like clouds. >> it melts in your mouth. >> well, save us some. >> thank you, lynette, i owe you one now. waiting for the pit beef, still. we'll get that. >> 70 degrees now. winds from the west at 17. man, that's a delicious taste as i deliver the weather. there are showers out there. we'll stay north of the st.pias festival and also, the pimlico activities. this is heading south and east. especially in the north and down into northern caroline county, you'll see rain and we'll clear out near harford county. through the day, we had a
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cloudy their owe -- scenario. we'll put the camera into motion. at times, we found some sun. we had a few breaks in the clouds. we'll get late day clearing on. annapolis, it's generally cloudy and we had a few breaks of sunshine. all right, 70 in baltimore and 70 in easton and 32 winchester -- 60 in winchester. the humidity is low. the dry air worked its way in. that's helped lessen the chance for rain. the storm center is still close enough to provide wrap around showers. the core of the center of the circulation is around new york right now. they're dealing with more than we are now. we're still close to comfort. this thing will slowly edge to the north east and dry air is
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coming in. we'll have a close call and we'll have sunshine early and partly cloudy skies. the chance of a shower in the afternoon. we can't rule out rain in the afternoon at all. our future castor shows a chance of a storm tomorrow towards 6:00. most of that is north towards pennsylvania. that's a good thing and western maryland, the rain is on sunday. we'll have a few dry days for all of central maryland and the eastern shore. tonight, 60 and a stray shower. tomorrow, sunshine and more clouds in the afternoon. we think for preakness, it's dry. we'll have a chance of a passing shower and 60 and partly cloudy. things on the whole, not looking bad. in fact, we're talking about a big warmup early next week. that was early next week. i think that the weekend will be generally dry. so, you know. >> look at this, lynette is
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delivering candy. >> and you know, good stuff. you have to enjoy it. it's just once a year. >> everyone should show up. well, a new report paints a picture of what men and women are having to deal with these days overseas. soldiers and marines are dealing with more stress and moral than a few years ago. the report is based on interviews with soldiers, sailors and airmen and marines who served during the summer of last year. the stress rates were highier. there were positive results and the soldiers and marines reported greater access to mental health access. the cdc wants you to be ready in case zombies attack. yes, really, they're issuing an advisory on the website. it's a tong and cheek way to
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get people to think about preparing for disasters. these scenarios have a lot in common like a hurricane and zombie attack. people were so interested in knowing what to do, the website crashed this week. a local lock smith is accused of overcharging customers. here's what you need to do if you were scammed by him also, what areas you need to avoid this week and we'll have the forecast, if wyatt everhart can stop eating cotton candy. we'll be back, after this. ♪ [ rock ]
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well, the sunshined on the preakness. we're seeing some wet weather tonight more showers and storms on the eastern shore. the all important race forecast for the preakness, a mix of sun and clouds. we think it's going to be a great day. it will be warm, today. >> kegasus won't need his umbrella.
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>> that's all for us, abc2 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 11:00.
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